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Friday, September 29, 2023

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I first came to Louise to help me with unhealthy intrusive thoughts that caused me much anxiety. I was lost in these unhealthy/untrue thoughts and had a habit of always picturing the worst case scenario when I really had nothing to be worrying about. ‘Disaster movie making’ as Louise referred to it.

Louise on presentation is warm, caring, kind and nurturing-exactly what every counsellor should be but not all possess these qualities. Louise helped me gain perspective on my thoughts that were causing me to be anxious and helped me develop tools in managing this.
At times, I continue to experience these but I know now how to manage these. The reassurance that Louise provided to me was so invaluable and exactly what I needed. Louise can work wonders over a very short number of sessions. Louise I am truly thankful to you!
Date of Posting: 26 November 2015
Posted By: M
In the year I have attended therapy with Louise, my life has changed dramatically for the better. She supported me through the darkest and most difficult periods of my life with consistent and unconditional advice and care. I have finally reached a stage where I can say I'm proud of myself and of what I've overcome. Without Louise, none of the work I've done would have been possible. She taught me how to let my inner child mature and develop in a healthy way and how to finally own my story. She is by far the best therapist I have ever encountered and I would recommend her to anyone experiencing any emotional difficulty. Louise has a gift of healing and taught me how to forgive myself in a way that no one else has ever been able to do and for that I am eternally grateful.
Date of Posting: 11 August 2015
Posted By: Jessica
One of the most important decisions in a person's life is to face up to their issues and seek Counselling. It took a long time for me to get the courage up to attend Counselling in the first instance & I will always be grateful that Louise Ward was the Counsellor that I chose. Louise has such a gentle, patient, compassionate, almost spiritual manner about her which immediately put me at my ease. Through her expert wisdom, experience, resourcefulness and guidance, Louise has not only helped me through a difficult time, but she has also provided me with coping mechanisms for life. Louise is such a beautiful person on both the inside & outside, and when i look at the work Louise does for her Clients, Radio & Charity work, I cannot help but be inspired & want to live my best life!
Date of Posting: 20 January 2014
Posted By: Laura
Words cannot describe how thankful we are to Louise for helping us through our horrific ordeal. We had been involved in a horrendous accident that we thought we would never get over. Thankfully Louise has helped us to deal with the psychological effects of the accident and we are well on the road to recovery. We are still amazed at how far we have come in a relatively short space of time. Louise has taught us how to understand, and more importantly change our thought process for the better. Not only has she coached us to overcome our traumatic experience, she has given us a set of life skills that we can use to better improve our future lives. Thank you Louise and keep up your amazing work.
Date of Posting: 30 July 2013
Posted By: Anonymous
When I first came to Louise I was a shell of a being; hiding behind a composed exterior, inside I was crumbling. I had been silently experiencing intense depression and anxiety for years, my negative thoughts consumed me and I had once again hit rock bottom. Having the opportunity to enter into therapy with Louise has allowed me to freely explore and gain understanding over the roots of my thoughts and experiences and in doing so has empowered me to claim authority over my thoughts and to take ownership of and make changes to my life. Through her unconditional positive regard, reassuring support and relentless encouragement, Louise created for me an atmosphere of comfort and hope. My thought patterns have been transformed and my coping mechanisms strengthened. I now understand my past, live in my present and believe in my future. I cannot speak highly enough of Louise Ward not only as a counsellor but as an exceptionally kind and compassionate human being.
Date of Posting: 30 July 2013
Posted By: Carly, 20
This small card is an attempt to begin conveying what you have done for me over the past year. From the moment I walked into your office on my first session you have offered and shown me unparalleled compassion, care, support, guidance, and encouragement. Thank you for travelling each step of the journey with me, for going at my pace and at the same time knowing when I needed to hurry along. Thank you for helping me expose my thoughts and behavioural patterns for what they were and for consequently revealing and endorsing who I really am. Thank you for every text, mail, call, every moment of your time and every outpouring of your heart. You continuously go above and beyond what is required and do so with your gentleness and without seeking any reward. The honesty and integrity you operate with inspires me. Thank you for your endearing heart and for wrapping everything you say in love. Thank you for being the voice of reason and for being the voice of hope. Thank you for taking me at my word and for always, always honouring my heart. Thank you so much for the insight you have. I value every word you speak and opinion you offer. Thank you for holding me who could not hold myself. Thank you for the times past and the times to come. You have been so so good to me and words cannot ever capture my gratitude.My thinking is transformed, I am living in new freedom and am daring to dream of my future. Thank you Louise I would not be here without you.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2013
Posted By: Rebecca
I wanted to take a minute and let you know that our daughter who attended you last year is doing really well. She has benefitted so much from going to see you in many of the areas of her life, with her self esteem, her confidence, her friends and family and a year on we are still very much seeing the fruit from seeing you and we are so grateful, again thank you so much.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2013
Posted By: Breda
I thought I would write to you to thank you for walking the journey with me over this last few months. I would like to thank you for all the love, support and encouragement and for the times you have really gone out of you way to help me. I am doing extremely well, you truly are an inspirational and amazing person and can't find the words to express how grateful I am for your input, care, guidance and expertise you have shown me over these few months.
Thank you again.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2013
Posted By: Jackie
Dear Louise, we want to say thank you for the way you serve Spirit Radio. You are always so well prepared, your counsel is so well balanced. You are a great addition to the regular line up. Louise, it is the generosity of people like yourself who have made it possible to keep the station going and we wanted to take a moment to say "thank you".
Date of Posting: 30 June 2013
Posted By: Rob and the Team from Spirit Radio
Healing is applied knowledgeably when the wound is understood. This to me sums up the process which counsellors take us through when healing is needed in our lives Louise so expertly walked me through areas of my thinking so I began to understand where I came from, where I was and I then saw where I needed to be.

To have some one to listen who did not judge or condemn, enabled me to understand the wound and allowed healing to come. Louise has a kind, gentle, quite approach and her skills as a councillor helped me to move into a better place in my thinking where healing is flowing and I am in a better place to day.
Date of Posting: 07 November 2012
Posted By: David

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